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A video training series to help you form an even tighter bond with your furry friend with training techniques that can be done in just five minutes a day.
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“Spot, Hit It!”

This trick is just one of many you and your dog will learn together in this video training series!

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Impress Your Friends

Hit It!

Your dog is a superhero!

Sit Pretty – An elegant, attentive trick to teach your dog

There is sit… and then there is Sit Pretty. An Easy, elegant, attentive trick to teach your dog

Roll Over!

Teach your dog to Roll Over!

Figure 8

You stand stationary with your feet apart and your dog weaves in a figure-8 pattern around your feet.


Your dog “noses” the palm of your hand


Your dog comes to attention and sits directly at your side


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Teach your dog to spin on command

Spread ’em!

Your dog puts their two front paws on the wall and lets you pat them down. Also known as freeze, put em up, etc


your dogs weaves between your legs as you walk


Your dog will do a “handstand” against a wall, with their back paws against the wall.

Take a Bow!

Your dog “bows” on command

Play Dead!

Teach your dog to flop down and play dead

“Some of the best trick training I’ve seen in a long time. Anyone can be successful with this.” -Jane, Natick Massachusetts

Most other trick training I’d looked into involved travel to expensive seminars or requires the dog to have a special aptitude already. I like what Britt has done here, she really set me up for success and thought of all the “gotchas” that have prevented me from getting started in the past. She also demonstrated all the techniques on a “green” dog, so I know what to look for when training my dog, who started out only knowing how to sit.


Dogs are incredibly intelligent creatures and trick training challenges their mind, like a brisk walk or playing fetch challenges their body.  Trick training is one of the best ways to increase the connection between dog and owner.  This video series and training community will show you how.

GREEN Dog Training

All training is demonstrated with a dog who knows only basic obedience commands and then with a trained dog. This way, you can see just how fast you will be able to progress, even if you’ve never trained tricks before.


We realize not everyone has access to a training arena, so we broke the training down to its simplest elements. The only equipment required are treats and three-dollar clicker.


This is one of the most common questions we get in our in-person seminars… Our training is structured so you can get feedback and rest assured you are “doing it right.”


Trick training is a mental workout for your dog. It can tire them out the same way a long walk or game of fetch can. When your dog is learning new tricks, a five-minute session will often result in a calmer, more relaxed dog.

What Makes This Trick Training So Different?

“We communicate with words, but our dogs think in pictures… This training bridges that gap so you can train your dog in the way they are conditioned to learn.”

This training is focused on deepening the connection you share with your dog via trick training. This training is designed to help you get inside your dogs head and understand how they are motivated… and how they think and then using that knowledge as a way to sort of “reverse engineer” the trick you want your dog to perform.

The easy-to-learn techniques you are about to discover will enable you to master a set of six tricks. What’s more, you will also be able to start designing your own tricks using the very same techniques.  Before we go any further, let’s talk a bit about why a technique that builds a connection with your dog is much better than just having the dog “memorize” a trick.

My name is Britt Souza, and I’ve helped hundreds of dog owners just like you form a deeper connection with their furry friends. Two of the most common questions I see come up time and time again are: “Britt, I take my dog for a run and when we get back, she seems like she has MORE energy than when we left! Can you help?” and “Can you show me how to train my dog to do cool tricks like that?

The problem of an over-energized dog doesn’t go away on its own, and you might not have the time (or the inclination) to play another round of fetch in the rain.  From my own experience, I knew that trick training was very mentally taxing on the dogs I trained. They loved every minute of it, but often times, they would calm after only a few minutes of trick training vs more fetch. What’s more, they would be focused on me the whole time, vs hunting around for the next squirrel to chase.

Trick training seemed to be the holy grail in terms of forming a connection between dog and owner while dissipating excess energy at the same time. The only problem was my clients thought it was too hard. Many of them were happy simply having a dog that would “sit” on command, and they didn’t think they “had what it takes” to train their dog past that without investing many hours each week or hiring an expensive trainer.

I knew that many of the disobedience issues they were experiencing with their dogs were related to excess energy, and I knew that my clients and their dogs would benefit from trick training, even if only for a few minutes a day.

Frustrated with existing training options, I decided to create my own course designed to get around all the “reasons why” my friends and clients thought they couldn’t get started on trick training… Reasons like:

  • It requires hours of practice to see results.
  • It requires a specialized, dedicated training arena
  • It requires lots of expensive equipment
  • No one is there to support me after the course is over

The training I developed is designed to quickly build connection and confidence in both you and your dog, in almost any space you can think of (I’ve even had a client say they tried it during a long ride in an empty elevator.) The best part is that you can begin to see results within one five-minute session.

Here I am with my two rescue dogs, Spot on the left and Angus on the right.  I adopted Angus when he was 11 and taught him his first tricks, he is now 13 and still loves to play and do tricks. Angus is proof that you can, in fact teach an old dog new tricks. Spot was a high-energy rescue who loves to work and be challenged. If these dogs can learn tricks, yours can too.


Brittney Souza

p.s.  I’ve put together some great bonuses that will make getting started EVEN EASIER. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see what they are.

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I designed this training series to make my friends and clients successful in connecting with their dog via trick training.

Normally, you would get access to four tricks with your purchase and then have the opportunity to double your order to 8 tricks for a low price.  During the launch, you get access to the main offer and the “double your value” offer at an amazing price (remember to use your coupon and to click the “double my order” box at checkout).

Here is just a sample of some bonuses you will have access to in the coming weeks (the bonus resources mentioned below are being edited and will be uploaded as soon as they are ready!):

You’ll Also Discover:

  • How your dog tells you it WANTS to work
  • Easy ways to build confidnece in your dog
  • Minute drills to increase your dog’s focus and attention
  • Signs your dog takes pride in its work
  • A three-dollar tool that will positively TRANSFORM the relationship you have with your dog for the better
  • And much more


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Your dog will love you and you’ll discover one of the best-kept secrets to connecting with your dog.


“I didn’t think it could be so easy, but I really do feel like I have a better understanding of my dog. In a strange way, I think she has a better understanding of me as well. I was also amazed at how calm she would get after only 10 or so minutes of training while watching TV.”


“The real value for me is the connections that I have made with others in my area. When people see your dog doing tricks other than “sit,” they really pay attention. I feel that people like my dog more and that is a good feeling.”


Trick Training is So Much Fun, By Now You’ll Wish You Had Started Yesterday!  But don’t Take My word for it… Here is what some other dog owners just like you have to say:

Earlier this year, Brittney had helped me adopt my handsome Boxer Beau. I was really excited to have him as my running buddy. Though he would play with our other dogs and go for walks during the day, he would still have so much energy left to burn after our nightly run! So, I decided to contact Brittney in the hopes that she could recommend a more strenuous exercise for Beau and I. That is when she recommended Trick Training. My first though was; “How could this burn energy? Teaching him to roll over is great, but I want him to be tired before bed”.
After working on “roll over” with my pup for maybe 10 minutes, he was BEAT! I have begun doing this every night to help him wind down and have had great success. Not only am I able to tire him out, but I have taught him 3 new tricks (roll over, play dead and “touch”) and have really strengthened our bond. – Tyler Nadeau

I signed up for trick training with Brittney for something to do with my dog, Zorro. What I got was that and so much more!
Brittney has that “special something”. She showed a passion for teaching along with endless patience. I gained confidence, a sense of accomplishment, problem-solving skills, and a better relationship with my dog.

It was amazing watching Zorro put the pieces together and learn the tricks so quickly. Most tricks were easy to learn. However One in particular “The bow” proved to be difficult for us and I would have been happy to quit and move to the next trick. Brittney encouraged me to stay the course and keep at it and sure enough, we were successful!
I highly recommend Brittney and her training methods. – Patti-Jean Trombley

Brittney Souza makes trick training fun and effortless! With her step by step instruction, it is very easy to follow along. When teaching my dog, Remo, handstand, he wouldn’t even walk backwards! Breaking down the steps into simple goals, made it all seem too simple but it worked and now he’s a pro. Brittney gives you all the proper tools to work at your own and your dog’s pace.
Everytime Remo sees me grab the clicker he begins to focus in on me and offers behavior! Before trick training, it was really hard for me to get Remo to focus on me and now he loves to work! Our bond has grown tremendously and I could not be happier! I would recommend trick training to any and all dog owners! –
Andrew Bshara

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Play Dead!

Teach your dog to flop down and play dead

Take a Bow!

Your dog "bows" on command


Your dog will do a “handstand" against a wall, with their back paws against the wall.


your dogs weaves between your legs as you walk

Spread ’em!

Your dog puts their two front paws on the wall and lets you pat them down. Also known as freeze, put em up, etc


Teach your dog to spin on command

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