Figure 8

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Figure Eight!

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Figure Eight!


You stand stationary with your feet apart and your dog goes in a figure 8 position around your legs.

with your dog in a sit next to your right leg and your feet apart and treats in your left hand.

Put your left hand behind your left knee (almost in-between your legs) and lure your dog around the front of your right leg and behind your left leg, click and reward when the dog is behind your left leg. Repeat this for a few sessions.

Once your dog understand this part of the trick you can move on to the next step.

Now have treats in both hands (and a clicker, I know its a lot in your hands but you’ll get the hang of it i promise!)

Your dog will be in a sit on your right and as you lure the dog in front of your right leg and behind your left leg, you will click when the dog is behind your left leg and then reward your dog and as your reward, use the reward to lure your dog around the front of your left leg and back in-between your legs where you will have your right hand behind your right leg and use the treats in your right hand to lure the dog behind your right leg, click and reward when your dog is behind your right leg, thus ending the trick.

Keep doing this step until your dog starts anticipating going from following your left hand to your right.

Next step would be to remove the treats from your left hand (do not click anymore when your dog goes behind your left leg. If your dog gets confused you need to go back a step.

Next step is to start fading the left hand cue. So instead of reaching all the way behind your left leg only go maybe 75% of the way the 50% etc. keep doing this until you only need to present your fingers behind your left leg. Next do not have treats in your right hand, still click when your dog completes the trick but just reach into your treat pouch and reward. Now you can start removing your right hand cue. Slowly start removing your right hand from the trick. Now is time to add the verbal cue (name of the trick). Say “figure 8” then present your left hand cue (tips of your fingers behind left leg) and the short hand cue of your right now. still click and reward. Eventually after many sessions you will no longer need the hand cues. Remember to take your time on each step and if your dog gets confused just go back a step.