Sit Pretty – An elegant, attentive trick to teach your dog

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Sit Pretty!

Trick Overview


What it looks like: Your dog in a sit then brings their two front paws up, also known as beg

  1. Put your dog into a sit.
  2. Put treats in one hand, the clicker in the other.
  3. Place the hand with treats slightly above their nose and make a rocking motion backwards. The picture you’re looking to click for is their two front paws up and still in a seated position.
  4. Once their two paws go up, click and reward.

It is okay if you accidentally click if they completely get up, especially in the first couple of sessions, as this trick takes patience and the dog’s core muscle need to develop and strengthen.
Eventually fade the food out but make sure your dog is still offering the behavior without food so you know if you can move forward to no food.

After so many sessions your dog will know how to “sit pretty” with their bum on the ground and their two paws up, you can begin to fade out your hand cue.

Instead of fully extending your hand begin to go shorter and shorter… Of course over many many sessions.

Add in the verbal when it’s just a short hand cue.