Spread ’em!

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Spread ’em!

Trick Overview

Spread ‘Em!

Your dog puts their two front paws on the wall and lets you pat them down. Also known as freeze, put em up, etc

Put food up against the wall, (sometimes peanut butter on the wall works best, when the dog places it’s two front paws on the wall, click and reward.
After many many sessions you want to build duration and distance from them.
Start with duration, very slowly, expect your dog to stay on the wall longer 2 seconds, 5 seconds, etc before you click and reward.
Once they can stay on the wall consistently for 20 seconds. start taking a step back then click and reward, then 2 steps back etc.
Once you can go about 3 feet from them slowly begin to pat them down, starting with one pat, click and reward etc.
Once you can pat them add in the verbal ‘spread ’em’ they’ll go up on the wall and you pat them down.
Takes patience and many sessions.

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  • July 26, 2018