Take a Bow!

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Take a Bow!

Trick Overview


With treats in your hand and clicker in the other, put your hand with treats in front of your dog’s nose, begin to lure the down, as your dogs head begins to drop click and toss the treat, tossing the treat will prevent your dog from laying down. Begin to raise your expectations, and now click and reward when your dogs head goes lower and lower into the bow position.

Timing is very important because your dog is probably going to try to lay down, try to click before your dog lays down and toss the treat. When your dog is doing well and you’re only clicking when they are in the bow position now will be the time to remove the treats from your hand, keep everything else the same.

Now shorten the hand cue, instead of going all the way to the ground go an inch above then 2 inches and so on until you basically only have to point to the ground. At that point begin to add the verbal, say “bow” then point and click and reward. Eventually you will no longer need to point after saying bow.