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01-Start Here – Introduction

Things to Consider


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Figure 8

You stand stationary with your feet apart and your dog weaves in a figure-8 pattern around your feet.


Your dog comes to attention and sits directly at your side


Your dog will do a “handstand" against a wall, with their back paws against the wall.
Impress Your Friends

Hit It!

Your dog is a superhero!

Play Dead!

Teach your dog to flop down and play dead

Roll Over!

Teach your dog to Roll Over!

Sit Pretty – An elegant, attentive trick to teach your dog

There is sit... and then there is Sit Pretty. An Easy, elegant, attentive trick to teach your dog


Teach your dog to spin on command

Spread ’em!

Your dog puts their two front paws on the wall and lets you pat them down. Also known as freeze, put em up, etc

Take a Bow!

Your dog "bows" on command


Your dog "noses" the palm of your hand


your dogs weaves between your legs as you walk

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Recommended Gear

You don’t need much gear to get started with trick training, just a treat pouch and a clicker… here are some of our recommendations

If you tend to misplace things… get this pack!
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